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Where We've Been


With nearly 160 years of ministry behind her, Union Hill has the proud distinction of being the oldest Baptist church in Forsyth County—having served the citizens of this community since 1851.


Officially organized in March of 1851 with 46 charter members (four of whom were slaves—recorded to history by only their first names: Anderson, Don, John, and Marthy)—the little church more than doubled in size within the first year of its existence.


Our original sanctuary was located on Center Grove Church Road (immediately adjacent to the present-day Merriwood Christian Camp) in Clemmons. A one-room frame structure of 30 by 60 feet (with a balcony just inside the entrance designated for slave use), that first church was built entirely by volunteer labor from the members. (At the end of the Civil War, the freed former slaves chose to become part of other congregations.) Thomas Miller served as the church’s first pastor, but died in office after only a year.


Due to the deteriorating condition of the original church building, the congregation relocated and built a new sanctuary in 1914 at our present site on Lasater Road. Still at the nucleus of our existing property today, that 1914 structure has undergone numerous renovations and expansions down through the years. During the 1950s, a three-story educational building was added and the entire facility was bricked. As a result of the tremendous growth with which God has blessed us we have recently completed a brand-new 6,000 sq. ft. addition featuring expanded restrooms, offices, adult classrooms, and a beautiful new kitchen & Fellowship Hall, accommodating groups of up to 200.


A number of additional churches have been birthed out of Union Hill’s long and illustrious ministry—including Lewisville Baptist in 1882 and  Center Grove Baptist in 1914. Only eternity will reveal how many individuals have come to personal faith as a result of this congregation’s more than a century and a half of ministry.

The church called her first full-time pastor in 1957 and, in the years since, our staff has grown to include not only a full-time pastor but also a youth pastor, children's ministry director, music director, and custodial staff as well. In 2008, our current Senior Pastor, Rev. Christopher E. Burcham, became the 50th man to serve in our pulpit. (For a complete list of all the pastors who have served Union Hill, click here.)


While continuing to remember and honor those who have served so faithfully in this congregation for more than 165 years—pastor and people alike—we could not possibly be any more excited about where we are today!


Ours is an historic church that still celebrates traditional worship and is firmly rooted in the timeless and eternal truths of the Word of God. At the same time, we are continually looking and moving forward—ever ready to embrace new opportunities to reach yet another generation with the Gospel, using all the innovative methods and technology which the Lord provides.


Our congregation today is made up of people of different races, cultures, and backgrounds—all united by our shared love of Jesus Christ and a determination to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. We believe that the best and brightest days of this ministry lie we continue to proclaim and to live out the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in the ever-darkening world of the 21st century!



Pastors Who Have Served Union Hill:

Christopher E. Burcham 2008-present
Jimmy Hinson 2007-2008 (Interim)
Justin W. Jones 2005-2007
David Sowers 2003-2005 (Interim)
Freddie L. Moretz 2001-2003
Timothy E. Gwyn 1998-2001
John C. Calhoun 1997-1998 (Interim)
Keith White 1994-1997
James R. Cagle 1990-1992
Wiley C. Guthrie 1980-1990
R. Howard Wagoner 1975-1980
Robert A. Dyer 1974-1975
Kenneth L. Payne 1969-1974
John H. Simpson 1965-1969
Grady C. Dickens 1962-1964
James E. George 1957-1961
J. Glenn Allgood 1950-1957
J. M. Newman 1949-1950
Elmer Berry 1948-1949
C. C. Prince 1946-1948
J. E. Kirk 1939-1946
Robert Gardner 1937-1938
Guy S. Cain 1936-1937
T. A. Caudle 1931-1936
Marvin A. Linley 1929-1930
John L. Knott 1925-1928
Edward A. Long 1920-1924
R. W. Jones 1918-1919
O. A. Keller 1916-1917
H. M. Privett 1913-1916
Oliver J. Martin 1902-1913
T. C. Myers 1896-1901
B. H. Mason 1894-1896
J. B. Newton 1892-1894
J. T. Jenkins 1891-1892
Pinkney Oliver 1887-1891
R. W. Crews 1885-1887
W. Green Brown 1883-1884
R. W. Crews 1879-1882
F. M. Jordan 1877-1879
J. H. Booth 1877
W. R. Gattany 1873-1877
W. Green Brown 1871-1873
J. B. Richardson 1869-1871
J. D. Jackson 1867-1868
Moses Baldwin 1861-1866
Silas Livermore 1860-1861
? Wilson 1859
E. Martin 1858 (Interim)
William Turner 1858 (Interim)
Richard H. Griffith 1853-1858
Thomas Miller 1851-1852



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