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Who we are:



Affiliated with both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and a member of the Pilot Mountain Baptist Association, we are the oldest Baptist church in Forsyth County.


But that doesn't say a whole lot about who we really ARE though, does it?


So let's cut to the chase. We are a group of fallen, sinful, imperfect people. We have problems just like yours. Many of us have been on the receiving end of abusive relationships or experienced first-hand the pain of divorce. Some of us have lost children -- whether through tragic accidents or by our own misguided choice. We struggle with addictions and wonder how much longer we'll have jobs and sometimes teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. We're a bunch of broken people. In other words, we're just like YOU!


And just like you, our biggest problem of all is sin. We're ALL broken people -- broken by the sin which poisons our nature and wrecks our lives. We like to think of it as just a little problem that we have, but that's putting it too nicely. To be blunt about it, we're all dying! Sin is a fatal affliction that, one way or another, will kill us all eventually.


The only thing that has made a difference with us -- the only reason that sin hasn't finished us off already -- is that we've met the greatest Doctor in the world...and He's helping us get well! His name is Jesus -- some of you may know Him already; if not, we'd love to refer you! He's the only One with the antidote for our otherwise incurable, inoperable, and eternally fatal disease! In fact, He IS the cure!


Bottom line is that -- as we get together to spend time with Him and learn from Him -- we're growing well together.


We are getting there! It's a long and gradual process -- but some of us now have more days marked by success than by setbacks...and even our failures are never final!


If you're one of those rare people who've got it all together (or think you do anyway), then you probably won't enjoy spending time with us. Sorry -- but we're just not where you are!


But if you're ready to acknowledge that life hasn't always turned out the way you thought it would, or should -- that you yourself have sometimes (but not always) been responsible -- and, frankly, you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired -- well, maybe you'd like to join us.


We have a standing appointment with our Doctor every week. Best part is, though, that He'll work us in and see us anytime we feel the need or just want to consult Him! He's made Himself available to us 24/7.


Feel free to drop by! Your showing up is all the referral you need -- we'll work you in -- anytime you care to join growing well together!


(For further information, feel free to contact our pastor at: or call the church office at: 336-766-8317.)


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Download the latest sermons from Pastor Burcham and catch up on any you may have missed HERE.

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